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The Roaring Twenties During the roaring twenties women gained a new set of personal freedoms. These freedoms were expressed through fashion, lifestyle, and occupation. Women fought hard against the stereotypes and prejudices of the the roaring twenties which had been carried in from past generations, broke free from many expectancies, and we have carried their beliefs into current times.
During the 1920s women gained a freedom that they had not known before. Women were wearing new and shorter fashion styles (document 4). Before the 1920s women’s fashion included floor length dresses that were usually reworn every day. Wearing the same dress every day was seen as a normality during this time and owning too many dresses could have been considered frivolous. In the 1920s however many women owned multiple dresses that they did not have to wear every day or even week. The new fashions were called the flapper style and were worn above the knee and were adorned by beads and jewelry (document 4). The 1920s changed women's fashion for the better by allowing for more freedom in what they could wear. As for the flapper style, there was the idea that the modern woman was wearing this …show more content…

Before now they could not or often were not allowed to work so this led to a major change in the workforce (document 5). Women in the middle class before the 1920s were married to rich or well-off men so they did not have to work. Working before the 1920s was considered low class. But during the 1920s these young women wanted to have a glamorous life which could include working in a high end boutique (document 5). These young women often moved to big cities to achieve their dreams of working in a clothing store (document 5). Coming out of the 1920s women got jobs and made their own money. Even though women could get jobs in the 1920s, work for women did not become popularized everywhere until World War II and

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