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Museums are located all over the world. They contain pieces and artifacts that are intriguing and educational. Everyday people visit museums and embrace everything it provides. The process of retrieving artifacts, representing culture and running a museum is difficult. There are many factors that go into the the exhibits and picking the right pieces. Some important considerations include being able to successfully represent the culture being exhibited and finding ways to raise money to keep the museum running. One of the most important parts of a museum is learning about different cultures and indulging oneself into the history and artifacts. When one is responsible for finding such objects, there can be quite a lot of pressure. One wants…show more content…
In order to run the museum, the museum needs money. Rockefeller says in Memoirs that,” the recurring operating different approach s $1 million a year and worsening,”(Source A). $1 million dollars is a significant amount of money, and proves that money is difficult to achieve, especially if you are a museum. Most museums are open to the public and free. In order to make money museums take different routes to accomplish this. The most controversial way is the gift shops in the museum. In Museums Store Management, Theobald mentions that the excuse “because we need the money is…. irrelevant “ It is in many ways relevant. One wouldn 't be able to visit the museum if it wasn 't able to make money. There is give in take in this situation; one wants to visit the museum, but to keep the museum running they will most likely need a store of some sort. As long as the store is not obnoxious and still fun there is no reason to think that gift shops take away from the experience. If anything, it could remind one of their museum trip they took when they were younger. Money is needed when running a museum and there 's nothing wrong with having stores to make the money to keep the museum

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