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Lookism should be classified as a civil rights issue similar to racism and sexism. Appearance does matter but when it comes down to discriminating someone for his or her look it isn’t something that should be allowed. It is wrong for someone to be discriminated based on the way he or she look or dress. Sometime this could be overlooked in many situations such as workforce, business, school, and any other organization. There should be an end up judgment when it comes toward a person appearance. If the United States could expand the protections against discrimination to include race, religion, sex, age, and disability than why can’t there be a protection for appearance. Just because someone is not considered to be pretty and have weight issues doesn’t mean that someone shouldn’t be able to get a job or in other cases be fired because they weren’t the same as they appeared before they was hired. According to Rhode, “Appearance matters, but the price of prejudice can be steeper than we often assume” (Paragraph 2). For example, say if someone was overweight and was applying to work at the fitness center. One would get denied the job because he or she is not shape right to have that type of job that he or she was applying for. That person shouldn’t get denied the job because of…show more content…
The first example was of the obese women being denied a job as a bus driver because she was not up to the task. The second example was of a waitress who was denied a larger uniform because she gained weight because of her health issue, because she signed a contract she was unable to receive a bigger uniform. The third example was of a two hundred and forty aerobics instructor who was denied a franchise by jazzercise because instructors are supposed to be fit and toned. There is so many more examples she gave of appearance discrimination. No one should have to face being discriminated because of the way they look and

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