Dbq Essay On Electoral College

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Every great nation started with a great leader. A person that can provide and lead a nation to greatness and success. Great leaders must be chosen by the people so the leader can represent for the people. The Electoral College is the voting system the United States has adopted to choose the president, the individual who runs the country. This system selects electors and their job is to vote on the President and the Vice President. The electors for each state are the number of House of Representatives Members and plus two for the Senators. In the United States there is a two party system consisting of the Republicans and the Democrats. The race between the two candidates is the first one to 270 electors because this is almost half of the total…show more content…
States represent the people’s voice in the election because popular vote isn’t important in the Electoral College. There have been numerous times where the candidate with the popular vote has lost because of the state’s power. Document 7 has the 2016 Presidential Election Electoral Vote Map and Projection, it had the democrats winning 237 electoral votes. To the 187 republican votes, this gave democrats the upper hand in the prediction. With this prediction it also connected with the popular vote because Clinton had the popular vote won. During the election day Trump won the states that provided him with his victory like Florida and Pennsylvania. States should have the power of deciding the fate of the vote because the state regulates the people in their districts. They have earned the power to have a say what candidate should be selected. An election has to come down to what the states think about which candidate is the best to serve the country. The US Electoral Votes Map shows states like Florida, California, and Pennsylvania having high electoral votes (Document 2). Those states have high electoral votes because of their population and more people to vote equals more power in the Electoral College. This systems allows a group of districts to decide in a group effort to give their power of choice to the right leader for this
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