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“We saw-” “-the beast-”. In the Lord of the Flies by William Golding, there were a group of English Schoolboys. They roamed around on a deserted island, a war was going on in the near future. There are many possible things a “beast” can be. The definition of a “beast” evolves throughout the story. Initially, the Lord of the Flies uses the boy's fear of a mythical monster to illustrate their assumption that evil arises from external forces rather than from themselves. This fearsome beast initially takes form in their imaginations as a snake-type animal that disguises itself as jungle vines; later, they consider the possibility of a creature that rises from the sea or the more nebulous entity of a ghost. When they spot the dead paratrooper who has landed on the mountain, the boys feel sure that they have proof of a beast's existence. In fact a demon does roam the island, but not in the form the boys image. As said in Document A, “they externalize these fears into the figure of the beast”. The school boys were scared of what this animal could do to them. In Document D it says, “He was dreaming… He must have had a nightmare”. They boy was petrified, so he put all his fears into an image of this petrifying perspective of a demon. He uses the …show more content…

The boys were stranded on the island in hearing that a War is in the near future. “War is not the mere occasion of the novel, but rather the offstage protagonist in this drama of evil determining the behavior of the boys on the marooned island,” as said in Document C. What William Golding and many other soldiers had to experience is an awful and tragic thing. “World War II left an indelible impact on Golding,” Document D. War causes losses and family members and loved ones. The soldiers have to see and watch their fellow soldiers die or get wounded during combat which leaves scars on the inside and out forever. War is very tragic and wounds people emotionally as it did to

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