Dbq Essay On Religion And Immigration

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Religion and immigrants have been two leading factors when it comes to wars throughout the world. These problems around the globe caused for many immigrants from Europe who were escaping religious persecution to settle in what is now the United States, this added population would aid in the establishment of the original colonies. But would a Nation in its infancy that was mostly populated by immigrants want the conflict that comes with different religions living together? The United States would grow to be a successful nation over the next two centuries, so is it plausible that the founding fathers took into consideration that religion had the potential to crumble the foundation of this country they were assembling? Perhaps, they had already lived in the Colonial times where the church and state worked simultaneously and saw how at times this arrangement would violate fundamental liberties. “Wall of separation between the church and the state”,…show more content…
It does not however say that an individual in office may have no religious beliefs at all. The statements I have put in bold are those I believe can be explained by this, a persons’ personal belief. Though all these statements can be depicted one way or another depending on your own beliefs, my opinion lays that statements like that of the Declaration of Independence mentioning God further more shows that the founding fathers believed and practiced Christianity but just because they did, they were not imposing it on everyone else that would be affected by an official document like the Constitution. The fact that founding fathers quoted the bible again was a personal choice that does not need much more explanation. The word God in inaugural speech whether it be the first one or 2012 was a personal choice In this country traditions play a significant role, and I think this in part is the reason for

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