Dbq Essay On Technology

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As of 2014, 86% of adults over the age of 18 in the UK have access to the internet anywhere (Document 11). Technology is a highly controversial issue in today’s society. With an ever-widening gap in technological knowledge between generations, many like to argue that every flaw present in someone today is due to overuse of smartphones. However, these pocket-sized supercomputers we carry around with us allow us to broaden our horizons and experience the world in an entirely new way. While some say technology is taking away our ability to be human, it actually encourages connectivity, and allows for new forms of discovery and creativity. Technology, especially smartphones, has played a key role in encouraging connectivity between people all over the world. Snapchat, Facebook, and instagram allows us to keep in touch with our friends and family (Document 1). Never before in human history have we had this level of connectedness with others. Smartphones also allow us to have answers to any question we might have, which gives us the opportunity to transcend the boundaries of what we previously believed conversations to be and talk about the real issues; what we make of these facts (Document 6). Having this freedom to develop our conversations gives us the chance to further our connection with people and truly understand more about them.…show more content…
Smartphones and technology as a whole has caused a global surge in communication. The notion of creativity has been redefined and there are now more outlets of creativity than ever before. So please, contact your local officials and protest against the limitation of smartphone use. Technology isn’t an inherently evil or time-consuming thing; the role of technology is determined by the
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