Dbq Essay On Third World Hunger

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In the world today, we face many problems. One of the most important problems we need to find a cure for is hunger. I think i have a solution to end this distatutouse problem. If we don 't try to end hunger in third world countries, then we will all go hungry very soon. All 's it takes is fixing poverty, fertility, using earths full potential, and giving out food rations, to end hunger. The first step to ending hunger is ending poverty. It is easy to see in document two that food isn 't being divided evenly. If we could find a way to fix this then everyone would get the same amount of food. When you 're belly is full then you feel better and are able to use your brain to think, when you 're hungry your brain is so focused on telling you that…show more content…
After fixing poverty we need to fix fertility issues. Looking at document one we see that Africa has the highest fertility rate, especially in Niger. This high fertility rate probably is due to rape. If we work harder to end rape then that high number will go down. Less babies means less mouths to feed. Mainly everywhere else has a low fertility rate and those areas also have more food for people to eat. Next, we need to use all the potential for growing food that Africa offers. In document seven you can use the chart to see that there is a lot of land resources growing space available. The middle of Africa is full of potential. If we use every centimeter available for food then Africa could get most of the food they need. Africa has lots of water that we could purify and use for people to drink. The remaining of the food we need can be shipped in from other areas. Finally, we need to fix the rations around the world. In document seven we see a tweet from jessie saying there’s more food in Africa hen there is in Africa. Africa has rations for how much food people get, low ranking people get less food than high ranking people get. This isn’t fair because here are several kids I know who always have leftover food that they throw away. If the government set a worldwide ration per person, we could divide the food
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