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Finally, the opposition are those people who consist of arrogant and inconsiderate human beings who believed slavery was ok and that it would greatly help boost the means of production for the country and help those people with large plantations and business to get jobs and other tasks done. Many officials, leaders, and individual owners did not submit to degradation or in other words they believed that white males were of greater superiority than any African American person. This way of life or belief created a misconception of what the U.S. was supposed to be all about and made many other countries look down on the U.S. because of the way they were using practically free labor. It would have been very different if these laborers were treated fair and did work because everyone needs a job to support their…show more content…
Some owners came together and believed slaves were treated well and there is no rivalry or competition for employment of slaves and other free laborers. This opinion or belief spread across much of the continental United States and caused many individuals to jump on their side and share some of the same values and beliefs. Many of these slave owners believed that after president Lincoln implemented the Emancipation Proclamation or freeing of slaves should be a gradual process and all the slaves should not be released at once in case of a large rebellion or there was some work or jobs that still needed to be completed. As slavery started to diminish some elected officials and leaders still believed preserving the Union should be the primary war aim which is what caused the Civil War, but in all reality we know the actual events that had occurred and taken place. The people who believed slaves were treated fair and equal were obviously oblivious to the fact of how society was treating these poor African Americans and that could start to raise questions about the mental state of these people and how they value the life of other individuals
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