Dbq Imperialism Analysis

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European Imperialism went from the late nineteenth century to the twentieth century. This term is known as colonizing areas of the world like Africa and Asia, but more specifically India. While there were some positive effects, the negative effects are even greater. On the contrary, the positive effects were limited but important. Britain brought to India things such as railroads, canals, railways, and telegraphs and allowed for the establishment of schools for the people (Doc1). Another good thing the British did for India was the wave of peace and the fact that they helped politically and maintained order (Doc2). On the same hand, the British also introduced Western education and brought ideas of modernization in every aspect; they introduced courts of justice and…show more content…
They also have a higher standard of living, better sanitation, and a better means of transportation (Doc4). In addition, the coming of the British brought an end to the slave trade, infanticide, and brought the value of India’s exportation trade up (Doc5). The British used the idea of “White Man’s Burden” in order to bring civilization and justice to the “barbarians” and westernize them in a way. The British also brought free trade into India and while they were there became one of the wealthiest countries because of everything being extracted out of it. Lastly, the British kept peace on the region and introduced Western technologies. Likewise, the British were also positively affected by India by extracting resources such as opium, cotton, silk, tea, and coffee. The millions of acres under cultivation have added to the immense wealth of the country and have brought the skills and industry of the British to flourish (Doc 4). India has given raw materials and has put up markets in order to sell British goods, as well as becoming an agricultural colony (Doc6). The British, by having such an important colony they became wealthier and India was called the Jewel of the Crown. In addition,
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