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During the late 1800s and early 1900s, many people worldwide were affected by imperialism. How imperialism was perceived differed from which side they were on. A positive perspective of Imperialism was held by the Imperialist powers and a necessity for these people. They believed it was a way of helping them to better their civilization. In Doc# 1, it states,”Give me the demand for more goods and then I will undertake to give plenty of employment in making the goods.” Meaning in 1897, when the Europeans were gathering colonies, they reassured that the availability of jobs will increase for the colonized people. Meanwhile they will be collecting raw material from the land to make profit to help with their economy. Therefore both sides will…show more content…
The reason being that new cultures were forced on them to follow and they were mistreated. As demonstrated in Doc# 6, most of Africans in 1850 were free, however, in 1914 almost all of Africa was controlled by European countries. Connecting to Doc# 7,” They were all rapacious, they all subserved the needs of the subject lands to their own demands; they all circumcised human rights…” Nevertheless, since they had taken control of the African land, their natural rights were limited and their land was taken advantage of by the western countries. Something else about this topic is the scramble of Africa, whereas Imperialist powers were dividing Africa between themselves after most of the fertile land was taken by the British. Through this separation caused a disconnection between families in their tribes. Similar to how Africans were mistreated so were the Koreans by the Japanese people. Presented in Doc# 8,”The Korean people were forced to change their family names into Japanese names...worship Japanese gods.”Meaning they wanted to completely wipe away the Korean culture and to spread their influence. Moreover, since most countries were practicing expansionism, Japan realized it needed to adapt as well to the new order. The colonized people had a dismissive point-of-view on

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