How Did Imperialism Change Over Time

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From 1500 to 1914, empires began forming all throughout the Eastern and Western hemispheres, all competing for world power, whether it be the economic, land power, or cultural influence. Like many of these empires, the nations of Europe were big advocates of imperialism and world power. The continuity of their use of “European Racism,” and advancement of technology helped them achieve their great power throughout the centuries. While their adaptation of political administration throughout the centuries helped them take over and operate under large native lands, while still having efficient rule. Overall, the continuities and changes in imperial enterprises from 1500 to 1914 led to more advanced and efficient rule among most modern empires.…show more content…
During the 15th and 18th centuries, due to the lack of experience, and the amount of land being taken over by the Europeans, whether it be the Americas, or Eastern Hemisphere powers, the political administration would be a monarchy, and or an aristocracy. Monarchs, kings, or emperors would be the source of ultimate political authority in their lands. Each of those rulers sought to govern societies divided by religion, region, ethnicity, or class. This also lead to a political movement where the imperial nations focused on centralization and full direct power. Later on in the 19th and 20th centuries, now with more experience, the imperial enterprises focused on more indirect rule, where the laws would be put into places for the subjects, but there would be fewer responsibilities, for example, when the British implement the British East India Company in India, in which they would have the same control of a monarch in the 16th century, but half the responsibilities. Overall, the change of political implementation and administration overtime lead to a more efficient political system for years to
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