Dbq Jealousy: The Salem Witch Trials

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In 1962, two cousins accused Bridget Bishop of being a witch. One of the cousins, Betty Paris, was the revenants daughter. Betty and Abigail accused two local white women and slave Tituba of being witches.Then the accused were sent off to jail in Boston. Tituba was the only one to confess of being a witch. In June 10, Bridget was hanged. Then the little girls became drunk with power! Most of the accusers in Salem were poor. The poor people would accuse the rich people because they were jealous of the rich. ( doc E ) Most females of the age of 16-20 accused women who were married of the ages of 41-60.
They probably jealous because the women were married and the 16-20 year olds weren't. The older and richer women ( ages 41-60 ) probably were telling the 16- 20 year olds what to do and how to act better. The 16--20 year olds were probably getting tired of getting told what to do do the accused the 41-60 year olds of being a witch. (Doc B) This proves that jealousy was a big part of the Salem Witch Trials.
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The little girls were also at the trials defending not Bridget, but themselves. Every time the ‘’witch’’ made an arm movement or rolled her eyes, the girls pretended the ‘’witch’’ was doing something to them. When Bridget mover her arms, the girls would throw their arms back in the air like Bridget used her witchcraft on them, which made the girls ‘’ drunk on power’’! Bridget insisted that she has never seen those girls before, but the town's population was 500 so she would of had to see them at some point in her life. Then she said she know not of a witch and how to practice witchcraft. This proves proves , from Bridgets point of view, that Bridget is not guilty. ( all doc C
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