Examples Of Discriminatory Decrees For The Dehumanization Of Jewish People

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In 1993 the beginning of the genocide of millions of Jewish people began otherwise known as the Holocaust. The Nazis plan to exterminate all Jewish people was referred to as the Final Solution. During this time period the Jewish people were discriminated against by being segregated, stripped of their identities, and being taken away from everything they own and love and forced into concentration camps.

Segregation was one form of dehumanization and Jewish people were impacted by this greatly. Shown in Document #4: Discriminatory Decrees Against the Jews. This document shows all the ways they were excluded.”jews were regulated to an inferior status by the denial of common privileges and freedoms.” Not only where they denied from practising dentistry and working certain places but they lost their basic rights and couldn 't even walk on certain streets.

During this time period Jewish people were stripped of their identities. Instead of having names the Nazis assigned each person a number and put yellow patches on each person to identify them.
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In conclusion the holocaust was a tragedy for everyone involved. Families were torn apart, jewish had their rights stripped away, and they lost everything they cared about.
Despite all the terrible things that jews faced I believe their is still humanity in this world. Humanity is described as being selfless and helping others and I truly believe we still have people that are like this. A wartime hero during the holocaust was a man named Raoul Wallenberg. Wallenberg helped save over an estimated 100,000 people from the Nazis by issuing fake passports and housing jews. This was a pure act of humanity and compassion. Raoul didn 't care if he would be punished or killed but instead made a selfless act to help another person. There were many cases just like this one and i think it really just shows that we still have humanity. Because of people like Raoul I believe we will always have light and not fall completely into

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