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History has been impacted by many choices made by high authorities throughout the world. In the United States, geographic factors influenced the government decision to make the Louisiana Purchase and pass the Proclamation of 1763. These decisions both benefitted and hindered the U.S. The Proclamation of 1763 was a conflicting time, despite the actions initially being thought of as a betterment for the U.S. The French and Indian War led to this historical event, in a war between England and France where both were aided by the Native Americans, England conquered. However, their people were not content, as loyal fighters for England the colonists were angered at their gift- the Proclamation- which King George put in place in hopes of appeasing the Native Americans who sided against him during the war. With this in place colonists had to contain their settlements and were unable to live anywhere west of the Appalachian…show more content…
The U.S gained the whole Louisiana territory and control over the Mississippi river as well as the port of New Orleans, doubling the size of the United States. Purchasing the Louisiana territory made the U.S rich in resources, we had acquired a land with assets such as fertil soil, ample animals to hunt, iron, timber and much more. This government action had a tremendous impact on United States history. The Louisiana Purchase caused an increase in population, wealth, and resources. In addition, it sped up Manifest Destiny as it was inevitable that the U.S had just doubled in size. The purchase, however, also caused conflict with Native Americans and Mexico. Due to geographic factors the United States government has decided to make certain decisions and take certain actions. Making the Louisiana Purchase and Passing the Proclamation of 1763 are two examples of this. The government took these actions for many reasons which include peace between people, resources, and
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