Dbq Monument Analysis

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There are tons of means on the practices on how to memorialize a noteworthy person or event. A percentage of experts claim a book is the most respectful approach on the procedure of remembering something or someone. An amount of specialists declare the creation of music is the most honorable procedure on the subject. Yet, the most leading and typical practice is the making of a monument. Regardless, there are specific factors to take in great attentiveness. An organization needs to be aware of the location, material, and historical memories in remembering an event or person and in the creation of a monument. Finding the proper location to create a monument and memorializing an event or person is very important to take in consideration to prevent disrespect towards the monument. It is extremely necessary to find a “specially valued place set aside for collective gathering… ” (Source A). Furthermore, the respect for a monument is greatly needed to successfully memorialize an event or person. Therefore, a location that is popular, yet tranquil is the perfect place for a monument to have the fullest experience of respect. The monument of Christopher Columbus in Pennsylvania is admired by most in the Easton community (Source B). However, Columbus never set a foot on Pennsylvania, but is still honored in the state. The reason for the homage towards Christopher Columbus’s monument is the…show more content…
The Savannah Memorial Park is unwanted by “...the community of Asian businesses and residents nearby…because they think it brings bad luck…”(Source D). The reason for their dislike towards the Savannah Memorial Park is that it is unappealing towards them culturally. In order for a monument to be popular, it needs to pique the interest of the nearby community to prevent feelings of rejection and to assist sentiments of loyalty to the event or person that is being remembered by the
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