Dbq Nationalism And Sectionalism

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Thesis Both Nationalism and Sectionalism developed concurrently during the Era of Good Feelings. The two main reasons why nationalism increased was because of Henry Clay’s American System and Monroe’s policy to increase nationalism. Clay’s AS created a better national infrastructure that tightened America together. Monroe’s policy was to promote national unity and America’s power, which strengthens nationalism. At the same time, sectionalism increased because of the growing divide between the North and South. This was because of their differing opinion on slavery and economic structures. Nationalism became of greater importance in politics at the time because of several factors: Monroe’s policy focused on unity, the AS connected America, and John Marshall’s rulings contributed to national power.…show more content…
Document 3 (John Quincy Adams, Diary) This helps because it talks about the Missouri Compromise which was about the issue of Missouri becoming a slave state — favorable for the South not of the entire nation (i.e. sectionalism). The Monroe Doctrine provides evidence that nationalism has a greater role in politics. Document 4 (James Monroe, The Monroe Doctrine) The Monroe Doctrine helps because Monroe’s policy centered on nationalism and therefore this doctrine is influenced by it because it states that America is its own country and that it should be recognized as a nation. This chart provides evidence for sectionalism being apparent. Document 5 (Population of Enslaved African Americans) The chart shows the massive increase of slavery in the South and its contrast in the North. This map provides evidence for sectionalism in economics. Document 7 (Agriculture, Mining, and Manufacturing Before the Civil War) It shows the difference in economics between the North, South, and West and provides clear evidence for sectionalism. This map subtly shows a sense of nationalism. Document 8 (The Louisiana
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