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It is evident that there was a continuity of patriarchy in societies such as the Olmecs, Maya, and Aztecs because they all involved roles signifying that men had to maintain hegemonic masculine values by playing the ball game Ollamalitzli and then having men hold sacrificial ceremonies reflecting a patriarchal society. In the civilization of the Olmecs, know one actually knows whether the Olmecs invented the game or if it was spread from one culture to them. The ball game Ollamalitzli was very common in the Olmecs civilization, as around six-hundred courts were found decaying and overgrown due to the statistical finds of Gale Group Primary Sources. (GaleGroup Doc. References and Primary Sources is used here to explain that the Olmecs were greatly…show more content…
Olmec ball courts were also found in ruins in San Lorenzo and La Venta by archaeologists, who gathered only some of the fewest known artifacts and sources that tell of the game (Gale Group Doc. References and Primary Sources is used here to explain that although there were not many primary sources or much artifacts found other than the ball and courts, these few primary sources and artifacts can still support the religious and game domination by males). Ollamalitzli dramatized the religious purposes tied to the Olmec civilization. The human sacrifice at the game’s end related to worshipping the gods because it was said to fertilize the soil, and give energy to the sun with the captain’s blood. Throughout Olmecs time, sacrifices grew more common in numbers everyday because they wanted to ensure that the gods were content and not let down storms on their crops and lives. Although it is controversial that the Olmecs developed their own language and writing, there is still evidence that their old spoken language, Mixe- Zoquean is still spoken today. In the Gale Group…show more content…
One of the carvings on the cylinder is a bird with two symbols showing steaming from its beak. Archaeologists believe that this was the answer to the controversy of the Olmec writing because it was used as speech, where the Olmecs would make noise or speech representing the figure drawn. The symbols in the speech bubble of the bird are believed to be symbols within a speech or drawing. Archaeologists had found a strong resemblance to Maya glyphs and Olmecs, and thus their best idea of the symbols and drawing would mean a name of a king or particular sacred day in the Olmec calendar (Gale Group Doc. References and Primary Sources is used here to show that archaeologists had only found concrete, yet somewhat controversial evidence that the picture of the bird was used in schools and educational development because it was a form of language that they commonly

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