Dbq On The Progressive Era

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The progressive era was filled with political problems, fighting corruption, and harsh working conditions. There were some very important changes in this era. The nineteenth amendment gave women the right to vote. There were different presidents like Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and William H. Taft. Discrimination started to become a big problem. America became a more advanced and equal country during this time. The progressives were reformers who fought corruption. Business owners during this time were only concerned about themselves. (artifact 8) Child labor was still a very large problem. There was still no care for safety, no one watching them, and terrible pay. (artifact 4) Factory owners did not care about the quality or safety of the things they were making. (artifact 3) Most people lived in overcrowded cities. They could be unhealthy, dirty, and most people were very poor. (artifact 1) Most political bosses were known to be corrupt. The spoils System was a system that awarded people government jobs and favors to supporters, not caring about their qualifications. Political machines…show more content…
Women suffrage is women gaining the right to vote. Susan B. Anthony was a very important person in this movement. The first major meeting of women to discuss their rights was in Seneca Falls, NY. A document similar to the declaration of independence was written by women. It listed the grievances, or issues, that women had with society, it was named the Declaration of Sentiments. People that were for women vote said that they do so much work and deal with so many bad things in work, so why can't they vote. (artifact 3) They used many different strategies to gain the right to vote like moral persuasion. The Women's Christian Temperance Movement fought for the ban on production and sale of alcohol. The 19th amendment was passed in 1920 the women had the right to vote. (artifact
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