Prohibition Dbq Essay

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By 1932, Americans had reversed the approval and disapproval making the disapproval rating had gone higher. Americans disapproved the prohibition because the criminality and murder went up, business’ were going down and it was impossible to enforce no alcohol. The rate of criminals went up leading to more murders when the Prohibition was enforced. Many criminals such as gangsters, racketeers, bootleggers, and dope sellers got “helped” out by prohibition. Especially in the Great Depression, were alcohol was even more wanted. Criminals would earn lots of money for illegally selling this to the consumers. (Document A) Criminals would be the only people having a good time during the Great Depression. In Prohibition the murder rates sky rocketed…show more content…
Crooked Agents were bribed to “look away” from people buying liquor. Even workers in the government wouldn’t help with the prohibition, they wouldn’t spend any money on enforcing it. When criminals smuggled alcohol they could easily get away with it because there would be so little patrol at the many miles of the country 's border. (Document C) The men who made the prohibition were not following its rules. Many congressmen were violators of the Volstead Act. (Document D) People still drank alcohol throughout Prohibition, the consumption didn’t stop at all. (Document K) Infact throughout the whole prohibition time the consumption of alcohol had barely dipped down. Americans changed their minds about the Prohibition because it was ruining everything they loved. Prohibition got rid of saloons, many well known restaurants and clubs. It was not even enforced by the people who started this but the starters would be hypocritical putting a law for no consumption of liquor but they were drinking it themselves. Officers and others of the federal government were bribed. The worst of all the murder rates went up mostly because of the criminals and their gang

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