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Imagine Being forced to work hard labor day and night for someone who treated you badly. How you you feel if you were forced into slavery and then laws changed to worse conditions? Four million African American Slaves may have gained their freedom, but the process of rebuilding brought the South significant challenges. Conflict continued between the North and the South as the whites resentment towards the South lead to violence. After the destruction of the Civil War, the United States an immense challenge of rebuilding. The Reconstruction Era started after the War ended which was in 1865. For all Americans, Reconstruction was a time of fundamental changes. As for the freed slaves it was unsuccessfully achieved socially, economically, and politically.…show more content…
Three constitutional amendments altered the nature of African American rights, “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude.., shall exist in the United States…”(Section 1 Document D). “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subjected to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens,”(Section 2 Document D). “The right of citizens of the United states to vote shall not be denied,”(Section 3 Document D). Slavery was abolished, they were becoming citizens, and gained the rights to vote. Although these amendments seem great, the whites still found a way to torment free slaves. The African American males were eligible to vote now, but ended up not enjoying their citizenship and rights to vote. All African Americans were granted “The First Vote,”(Document F). They were now citizens and were allowed to vote due to the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendment. This should have been a great moment in history for the blacks, but instead whites made them feel like being a citizen was bad and they hurt and tormented them. The Reconstruction Era negatively affected the South more so than the North politically. Throughout the Reconstruction Era there were many advantages and disadvantages. The Reconstruction Era was unsuccessful because of what came after freeing slaves, money and work issues, and because of citizen rights and voting policies. Even though the Reconstruction Era brought many advantages to the states, African Americans had a difficult time during the rebuilding process. The Reconstruction Era will always remain important in the history of the United states. It is important for people now to know the history of the rebuilding process as unsuccessful so that we never make the same
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