Dbq Rights Movement Pros And Cons

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The LGBTQQ rights movement was started on December 10th, 1924 led by Henry Gerber the grandfather of the Gay Rights Movements. The LGBTQQ Rights Movement still continues on today in the USA and other countries around the world. This society is a group of people that believe that they as people in the LGBTQQ community should have the same rights as everyday people like me and you. LGBTQQ people have been fighting to be equal in the community so that they aren’t discriminated at their jobs or in their communities. The LGBTQQ community has faced many forms of discrimination such as unequal treatment at work and unfair treatment within the community. LGBTQQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and queer. Lesbian is a term that is used for women that are attracted to other women. They can be born attracted to women or they can figure out halfway through life that they have feelings for women. Gay is a word that is used for men that feel as if men are the ones they are attracted to. It is basically the…show more content…
There is no law protecting LGBTQQ people from discrimination at work. In certain countries there is a ban for same-sex relations. In some other countries can be fired for being transgender. Because of this they feel the need to keep closeted at work. They feel that if they come out at work that they will be treated differently or even worse fired. 21% of LGBTQQ employees reported workplace discrimination. These things (race religion, sexuaility) should not effect the way people are treated in the workplace. None of theses conditions affects the person's ability to perform a task or work at a job.Much of this discrimination comes from racial views of the country. There are some people that believe that LGBTQQ people are not equal just because they are different. The discrimination that LGBTQQ people receive is not only from their workplace but from the government as
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