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From 1880 to 1924, to escape persecution from Alexander the II’s reign and anti-Semitism, Russian Jews came to America for a chance at a new life, and for economic reasons. They were one of the biggest groups of Eastern Europeans that arrived to Ellis Island. A vast majority of the Jews settled on the East coast in places such as the Lower East Side, Boston, and Philadelphia, and other bigger cities including Chicago, Seattle and Des Moines. The jobs Russian Jews held were mostly low skilled trades, such as tailors, butcher, or even worked in the early sweatshops, stated by Epstein, “By 1900, about two hundred thousand Jews were in the garment industry on the Lower East Side.” The primary reason Russian Jews left to immigrate to America was to escape Anti-Semitism from their ruler, Czar Nicholas II, rumored to have been killed by Jews. Another reason was due to the distraught economic situation in Europe. In Europe, the economic situation was so bad, that,.. (still have to find info about the economics.) According to Birmingham, “under Nicholas, more than six hundred specifically anti-Jewish edicts were written into law.” (Birmingham, 36). Russian Jews set up various groups for themselves. These included The Russian Emigrant Relief Society, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Hebrew Sheltering Housing Association and various other…show more content…
However, their children became more “Americanized” and started to reject their parent 's traditions, religion and language. According to Bingham, ““The use of Hebrew was virtually dropped from the order of service, in favor of English. Keeping Kosher households was deemed both archaic and impractical as well as Un-American.” Between the first and second generation of immigrants, There is a vast amount of difference. The second generation became more Americanized in order to fit in with everyone
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