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Tracing back to the 16th century witch hunting has been around causing the lives of many innocent people destruction. Witch hunting has never died off, it is still here today. In my opinion witch hunting will always exist and occur as long as we have fear, ignorance and jealousy. Many people were accused of being a witch or committing witch activity mainly throughout the 16th and 19th century. Primarily because people fear for what they don't know or can't understand. If a person is unable to understand something they instantly think the answer is not of this world, the devil's work perhaps. Fear has always been a big thing in that society and still exists in today’s. As long as we have fear, there will always be “witch hunts” to go along…show more content…
Many “civilizations are scared of the accused “witches” ” (source I). Fearful because they are worried about their own personal well being. The world tends to allow hysteria when a nation is unstable.” Citizens are afraid of what they don't know”(Source A). For instance, uncertainty, suspicion, and people quick to come to conclusions, came across the Salem Witch-hunt Trials, not to long after that came the many years of McCarthyism. These two did have two different situations but they both allowed disorder and frenzy to be taken over all because of fear. Salem, a town in Massachusetts had a period of witch beliefs that many people made a pact with the devil himself. Taking place in 1962 had developed from disputes between the citizens. I believe the situation was motivated by jealousy. The community, being in a farmland, tension spread like wildfire. Abigail Williams was an instigator that was able to fool the community that they were being harassed by spirits. This led to many convictions that didn’t even have reasonable evidence to prove her torment.…show more content…
Whether it be happiness, success, money, or even love. People will try their hardest to get what they have and will do anything to get it in their possession. Abigail Williams in the Crucible had the most animosity for John Proctor's wife. Abigail went through all the trouble just to convince the town that their was some sort of witchery going on. Abigail did this just so people could get punished and have Elizabeth hanged so she can have Proctor all to herself. Neither her or her accomplice received punishment for convicting the crime. In March 1973, Hollywood had a “blacklist” where they “ refused to “name names” or cooperate in any other way with the HUAC” (Source D). The producers and directors in HollyWood did not want to give credit to some of the actors for unknown reasons, I presume they directors and producers didn’t want to give them credit for acting is because they did not want certain people getting the screen time and getting noticed. I say all occurs because of jealousy. Jealousy is probably the deadliest of them all. Being jealous can cause anyone to something out of the ordinary just to get what they

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