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Have you ever wondered if there was really a difference between the Samurai and a Knight and if not what are the similarities? Some people may think there are more differences than similarities but the reality is they are more of the same than different. They are actually very alike. These two places Japan and Europe are going through very similar problems.They are fighting each other because neither of them were very stable in the medieval times. The warriors in Japan are called the ‘’Samurai’’ and in Europe the warriors are called ‘’Knights’’. They may seem different at first but they have way more similarities than differences. The similarities are much greater than the amount of differences. I learned this by studying these main areas; Social positions, Training and armor, and Life/honor and death.…show more content…
In this case the Japan and Europe are being classified. The samurais and knights are more alike than different mostly because of the social positions in their communities when they are classified on the social pyramids of Japan for the Samurai and Europe for the Knight. In one of the documents I have read (Document A) it shows the Classification for Japan and Europe. The Samurai and the Knight are both classified in the middle of each pyramid underneath the Shogun and the King but above the peasants in both societies. Also in Document B with Catharina Blomberg as the source it talks about being loyal to their lords. ‘’The life of samurai was not his own but belonged entirely to his
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