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Shay’s Rebellion “What country before ever existed without a rebellion?” a quote from Jefferson in document C. Throughout the history of the United States many conflicts and protests have occurred. One of these was Shay’s rebellion and it was caused by the government not paying war veterans their money after fighting in the war. This made the protesters threaten the court that they are going to raid the armory and many people consider them rebels for this. Although many people thought the farmers or war veterans were rebels, nevertheless they are truly freedom fighters because they stood up for what was right, kept the government aware of needs, and were not treated fairly. First of all the farmers or veterans stood up for what was right therefore they are freedom fighters. Based on the first document it states that people who were standing up to demand rights were punished. To support this in document A it proclaims “The people who have stepped up to demand rights for themselves and others are likely to be put in jail”.…show more content…
The author Jefferson in document C, in letter he told his friend “And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance”. As the presented evidence is revealed the farmers or veterans brought about the flaws of the country and helped the government know of the people’s needs at first peacefully but that didn’t work so they later had to use other ways. Although they had to use violent ways they had to only because the peaceful ways were not working so they are considered freedom fighters in the fact they tried to work it out. This is because they tried the good methods at first but had to do something else to get noticed and keep the government aware of what they were doing
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