Dbq Slavery In The 1700s

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Slavery in the 1700s was perceived as a positive event due to the economic growth and source of labor it brought with it. In this time a common way of life for women was to strive to have Republican Motherhood. Republican Motherhood was the idea that women were very important in their designated roles at home. Cooking, cleaning, and childcare were the requirements. They were to raise their children to be good republican men. Women and African Americans were not regarded with the same rights as white men. The founding ideals of the country were not all being executed as they were intended to. The idea that all men are created equal is not specific to white men. Many ideals such as the right to pursue happiness and opportunity were not being applied to all people. Although nullification and nativism were growing ideals, the reform movements during the Second Great Awakening; such as rights for women and African Americans, education and temperance, and and…show more content…
The idea that all men are created equal, was not meant for just white me. African American people as well as women started looking for ways to gain rights and equality. An anti-slavery medallion from later in the century shows the thoughts of many African American women on their treatment being it was so unequal. (Doc. 2) Many pieces of literature and propaganda were made expressing the want for more rights. One piece of literature that stood out was the Seneca Falls Declaration written to show the inequality between men and women, a and to gain support for getting women's suffrage. (Doc. 7) The author of the Seneca Falls Declaration was Elizabeth Cady Stanton, she based the declaration off of the Declaration of Independence. Stanton made connections between the rights given in the Declaration of Independence and the rights she wanted to be given to both men and women equally. The idea of equality was starting to
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