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The sugar trade was a money making machine and was driven by consumer demand, perfect farming land, and the hours of labor. In the seventeen and eighteen hundreds Great Britain had a money making business know as the sugar trade. The sugar trade made it so Britain would buy slaves from Africa and send them over to the Caribbean where they would farm sugar. The sugar trade was affected majorly by consumer demand. Sugar was a food that no person was ever known to have the power of relinquishing the desire for it (Document 3B). It was also a great sweetener for drinks like coffee and tea, but best of all it was used to make chocolate (Document 4). Over time people started wanting and consuming more and more sugar because it became such an obsession (Document 5). This shows us that people wanted sugar and over time people wanted more and more if it because they found other ways to use it. People all over the world wanted sugar and once they had a taste there was no going back. …show more content…

Slaves cut down all stalks of sugar which was one of the hardest jobs on the plantation (Document 8A). Since there was so much work to do on a plantation a 500 acre plantation could have a minimum of 300 slaves working long painful days (Document 6A). Slaves were put through tons of work and since they were slaves they were not paid and the only people that were paid were overseers (Document 7A). Slaves were highly common on plantations and did the hardest and the majority of the jobs

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