Dbq Summary: The Cause Of The Civil War

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The Civil War was a very brutal war that left hundreds of thousands dead. The Missouri Compromise started this war by placing a boundary that did not allow future slaves North of Missouri’s southern border. In 1859, John Brown, an abolitionist, tried to start a slave uprising which created tension between the South and the North. Also in 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States, which frustrated others because he was an abolitionist. An abolitionist is a person who doesn’t believe in slavery. Why did Texans fight? The Texans who fought in the Civil War believed that people should protect/ preserve slavery, they fought for their Love for Texas, and for states’ rights. Texans supported and believed that citizens should always protect/ preserve slavery. Without slavery, people wouldn’t have cotton, and that was one of the most important economic fear for the South (document A). White people thought that they established the government, not the African race ( document A and B). So, they felt …show more content…

Texas thought that a state doesn’t have the right to force another state to withdraw from the United States (document D). O.M. Roberts was the President of the Texas Secession Convention (document D). Roberts believed that each state has the right to a self-government. States’ rights mean the state can remain or withdraw from the Union whenever they choose. President Abraham Lincoln believed that no state can lawfully get out of the Union (document D). Texans fought in the Civil War because they wanted to preserve slavery, preserve their way of life, and preserve states’ rights. I think that people shouldn’t have risked and lost their lives to keep slavery. Even though this war was crucial to Texas, people should not have fought and died to support a cause that was wrong. All people are created equal and I am thankful that the South and Texas

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