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Adrianna Potenzino
DC Forensics Throughout time, there have been many court cases in the past as well as in modern day that have utilized psychology within their interpretations. One in particular, would be the case that involved Mr. Cameron Hooker in May of 1977. The situation began when the victim Colleen Stan, was given a ride by Mr. Hooker and his wife Janice while walking to a party. She was then threatened by the couple and abducted into their house in North Carolina. Her existence in their house hold consisted of being a sex slave to Cameron. She was abused brutally, raped multiple times a day, and had no interaction with the outside world; she was kept in a coffin when she was not being tortured for seven years. Hooker forced Colleen to sign a contract that gave up all of her individual rights to her body, much like a submissive. However, he did allow her to work for him by doing chores and taking care of their daughter. Hooker also gave her permission to send letters and meet up with her family to convince them that she was living her life with a new boyfriend. As time went by, she was finally released when Ms. Hooker her helped escape.
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Throughout the investigation, it was confirmed that Hooker had a lack of empathy, which is where psychologists could argue the sanity of his being. He also expressed his feelings in absurd manners, such as giving her permission to see her family, or allowing her to take on the role as a care giver to their daughter. Psychologists where also able to see that they had a very caring relationship with their child, inferring that they had altering personalities. In addition, the Wife’s behavioral change when helping Coleen escape gave psychologists support to their inferences about the sanity of not just the husband, but the wife as
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