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SC completed home visit with Pa and DCW on 01/22/2016. Pa appeared properly groomed and dressed in white T-shit and navy blue sport pants with white strip on the sides and white cotton soaks and no shoes on his feet. Pa was sitting in a pink leather reclining chair with a severing tray in front of him waiting for his breakfast while watching the news. All utilities appeared to all be in working order. Pa lives in the basement of the DCW split level rented town home. SC was escorted though the garage, and wash room to Pa’s living quarters. Pa has a hospital bed it was stripped bare, the DCW working stated she was washing his sheets because he hand an accident (SC observed The DCW washing laundry). It was a little messy and smell of urine. SC observed no…show more content…
The Pa was to be able answered many of the SC questions about his services. The Pa reported that he is satisfied with his services and his nieces as the DCW. The Pa was smiling and appeared to be in a cheerful mood throughout the interview. SC inquired about Pa’s use of medical emergency service and medical changes. Pa reported no falls (despite poor circulation and swollen legs per DCW) ER visit, hospitalizations, and change in health status or medications. The DCW showed SC Pa’s legs and stated that Pa is unable to go to his EADC because he’s unable to stand due to the swelling. Pa legs looks like someone that has a dx of cellulitis (Pa has not been dx with cellulitis nor is he being treated for it: his legs just look very similar to that of...). SC asked when was the last time Pa got a check-up and the DCW reported that it’s been a while. SC asked what a while is and she reported that since they moved to current location. Which is over 7 months ago. The DCW reported that Pa’s community Nurse Ira visits monthly and have been treating Pa’s legs. The SC urged Pa’s DCW to schedule an appt for Pa to be seen by his PCP Dr. Doghramji visiting

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