Sartre's Theory Of Ambiguity

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Firstly, de Beauvoir begins her hypothesis that women are free from all bondage and have no fixed essence embedded in their being. For her, nothing is fixed in advance; everything is in the process of becoming, a process of creating and making his or her own essence. The problem arises when women became oppressed and discriminated throughout the history. They are dictated by what they should do in a situation; they are dictated on what they should wear in an event; they are even manipulated on their decisions in life. They are considered inferior in the society. This inferiority affects not just their political and social life but also their whole humanity. Women became the Other as to what de Beauvoir said in her book The Second Sex because…show more content…
However, she did not fully dwell on Sartre’s concept; she also applied her own concept of freedom – an opportunity for human freedom. She applied the concept of ambiguity. Ambiguity means that someone or something that has no clear and exact meaning or in other words, many meanings. For de Beauvoir, human beings are ambiguous. There is no exact meaning of what is a human being like. The feeling of anguish, forlornness, and despair can be justified because of the ambiguity of human beings. That consequences that Sartre talked about might be just one of the possible consequences of human freedom, primarily because human beings are ambiguous. One example of human beings’ ambiguity is their uniqueness. Like among the 10 soldiers, who received the same training, they differ on the level of their expertise. Perhaps, one would be expert in shooting, or the other one is expert in combat- fighting. These explain that human beings have many meanings. Like in history, women in Greek are considered as second to men, but in the Philippines, it is not. The women in the Philippines are favored most in the society. They received same privileges as the men. The Philippines is considered as a matriarchal society. With this, it truly supports that human beings are
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