De Crevecoeur Immigration Thesis

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De’ Crevecoeur has a very positive perspective on the fact that the frontier played an important role in the formation of American identity. He explains that as people came from Europe, they came from being slaves to the government and not being able to have anything for themselves. People came to America to follow their dreams and to be something successful instead of the unsuccessful lives they had in their homeland. He feels that the main reason they came, was to seek freedom. Crevecoeur sees these immigrants as taking action into their lives and wanting to be something more than they ever thought they could being ruled the way they were in their old country. All of these people made the hard decision to leave misery behind as hard as it…show more content…
Turner explains these people had to except what it was and push through it. But that when the frontier was done with these Europeans, a new American was formed. 2. Weber was not optimistic about his view on America, and it being the land of opportunity. Weber sees America as a capitalistic country that people have to adapt to. He saw the people of American as a “blazing trail” people probably didn’t want to go down. Weber explains that you have to work hard for your money and get out of the “traditionalism mindset” of working as little as you can and still make the same amount of money. He says that you should go and get opportunity and make as much money as possible, but people should enjoy life and what it has to offer too. But, it is an obligation to work and make money. As an American you are forcing yourself in the capitalistic action and you have to adapt or you will not have a job. People that can concentrate and show high performance have a better chance at being successful, especially in education. The Religion that people are raised with plays a huge factor in to how successful you are. Weber explains that the economy is survival of the fittest and if you cannot adapt, you will not be successful in this new place.H.L Mencken was a Witty man that talked about America being the land of opportunity
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