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Could you imagine Jurassic park fantasies coming to life right in front of your eyes. Many people debate whether de-extincting animals is beneficial to humans, but we are in the 6th mass extinction and animals could help us survive. Damaged ecosystems could be restored with help of certain species that right now are extinct. Carbon emissions could now be reduced due to bringing back woolly mammoths. Plus, we could make some species less capable of catching some viruses and diseases. As well as, how scientist can now see the ancient animals changed the Earth. Many people are worried about if the animals would be invasive or how they would react; humans adjust so why couldn’t animals?
Due to humans, activities such as deforestation and poaching
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Clearly, scientists don’t know exactly what happened to dinosaurs they can only infer based off of evidence they have found. “...we could make inferences about the ecosystems they thrived in and the conditions that drove them to extinction…” This states, that if they know for sure what cause animals to go extinct not just possible theories they could modify or change what went wrong. As an example, hunting is what cause the passenger pigeons to go extinct. Since we humans know what caused their extinction we could bring them back and change the fact that we put them into extinction. Of course, humans couldn’t change natural disasters but we can change the fact we use so much paper, or drilling for oils in certain places. “De-extinction could offer insights into...natural resources” says Breanna Draxler. Peoples also use natural resources that are limited and that animals can help produce like natural gas that they have to frack for.
In conclusion, de-extinctifying animals is an idea that people still debate. Although there are some possible downfalls science isn’t perfect; and there is always a way to fix things. So think about your health benefits and how good things could be with these animals. The air could be cleaner, the grass would be greener, and life would be sweeter. So, if you’re someone who wants to make the world a better place, opening up your mind to genetic engineering could
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