Dead Fish Speech

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Dead Fish!

In the middle of the sea, there is two kinds of fish that are representing your behavior as human. You are either a live fish that compete the waves, swim against the stream and chase the opportunities, or simply a dead fish that do nothing but swimming with the flow.
Follow toastmasters, wonderful guests .. Good Evening.
As we have stream and flow of water under the sea, we have also a flow and stream up on the ground in the level of human beings. The stream is your life, behavior and beliefs routine. And most of us LOVE routine! it makes us feel secure, safe and relaxed. Accordingly, you find yourself swimming with the flow. You find yourself resisting ANY of wave of change and you forget that your life does not get better by
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That city didn’t sleep that evening! Anger and denial are on the air. Regardless if the rules were allowing the restaurant owner to hire female or not that time, People were not fighting him because he broke the rules. They were fighting the new idea of having women working in a restaurant! They were fighting the new change that attack their usual life rhythm without thinking about the pros and cons. The result? The Restaurant closed for couple of days, the owner escaped out of the country and that story was the hotspot those…show more content…
Are you a dead fish? Well you are not either a fish! Be brave to accept the change to swim against the stream against the flow against the routine! because in the waves of change, you will find your true direction. If you want something you’ve never had you must do something you’ve never done. Are you scared of losing something while implementing the change? It’s ok, Change is not a zero sum game you will gain something you lose something in different proportion but check what is the final destination you reached. If this change doesn’t take you to where you want to be, Don’t give up! make other changes. But if you don’t make a change you will be stuck with unacceptable life status forever, and you will never know what opportunities are waiting of you on other side of your comfort

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