Dead Man Walking Analysis

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In the movie Dead Man Walking we meet a man on death row and a nun who is trying to be his spiritual counselor. He realized throughout the movie what his idea of the story was and in the end accepting what he did. We watch painfully him die and watching his last exhale of air was so powerful. I felt so much empathy for him even though he was guilty. I think that is what the people who wrote the movie were aiming for. I think many things could have lead Matthew to kill those kids. The drugs were a big factor making him more influential to do terrible things. I also think that he could not see his kid made him cold. He couldn’t see her so he went after people who would end up getting married and or having kids. He was also peer pressured by the other guy. You see in the movie Matthew tried to walk away with the rifle but the other guy (I don 't remember his name)…show more content…
It has given more of a story to show and probably has changed many people’s mind about it. The moral capability of it is extremely important and I understand that but if you brutally murder two kids why would you only be held in prison for life. I think that if there is a death row case it should be someone with a good lawyer, not someone with no experience and will lose the case. They deserve a higher court system rather than a small town court. They deserve a judge case because we went over the jury bias of people and how white males are preferred over black females. There should be only a small amount of crimes that has the death penalty allowed as a punishment such as rape or murder. We have said that having the death penalty will not deter crime but we can say the same thing about anything. If we outlaw guns it will not deter crime. If we outlaw alcohol it won’t stop people from bringing it in to the USA. I know some people’s opinions will never be changed but that is okay because this is what I believe and I have a right to the way I
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