Dead Man's Pocket Rhetorical Analysis

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Three elements that are noticeable in the dead man’s pockets is a tone of being scared and afraid, and one element that helps the tone is the diction the author the uses to explain all the details. The tone is a set tone of fear. The reasons for this is the surrealism as he attempts to grab the yellow paper which had fluttered to the outside of the windowsill. The author cements this tone more towards the middle to end of the story as he hangs over the edge of the windowsill nearly falling over as he attempts to grab the yellow paper which he at the time valued so much. The tone is gradual and picks up towards the beginning of the third page of this story as the reader now begins to see his thought pattern and ideology more and more as he…show more content…
The diction the author uses is a relatively complicated one using long sentences and words to set the tone. An example of this is when the author writes “ For a motionless instant he saw himself externally--bent practically double, balanced on this narrow ledge, nearly half his body projecting out above the street far below--and he began to tremble violently, panic flaring through his mind and muscles, and he felt the blood rush from the surface of his skin” This is the diction the author uses the entire story this diction which is a complicatedly simple way of writing that really explains the movements and thoughts of the main character which is essential in a good storyline or any movie or tv show. The best part of the story is the attention to details that the author uses throughout his entire story. The author throws in small details that didn’t need to be in the story but, were included anyways and made the story better overall. One example is when the author is introducing the wife and includes the addition of the living room with it’s table or the faint smell of the floorwax that drifted past his face as passed.The author includes so many other small details in the story and they really add depth to the diction and the tone overall which really helps understand the story in
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