Dead Man's Pool Research Paper

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It was the 24th of April, when Mindy and Thalia Montgomery had first been reported missing, by the frantic mother of the two girls. East Tilda had participated in the largest man hunt the town had experienced since 1987 (when young Eric Batters had gone missing, only to be found three days later hiding in a secret room in his basement, because his parents hadn't allowed him to go the local arcade), every abled body was on the lookout, all with the same goal; to find the two girls. This search, however, did not end with the same relief as the search for Eric Batters had done. The two girls had been found two days later by the local police force, dead, at the waters edge of Amber Lagoon, more commonly known as the infamous Dead Man's Pool; a popular destination for the youth of East Tilda. Their bodies were found lying in the large reeds at the waters edge, their necks at unnatural angles and their glassy eyes unblinking. The tide move in and out, nipping at the pruned toes of the bodies which once belonged to the two sisters, but which now were only home to mosquitos…show more content…
They'd gotten lunch from the local takeaway, a burger and chips each, and had headed to their usual spot, the top of the Jumping Rock, at Dead Man's Pool. The Lagoon had received its infamous naming due to to many deaths that had occurred there over the years, where many teens, usually high or drunk, dared each other to jump from the cliff face to the icy water between the large, jagged stones. After the deaths of over 10 teens over the span of two decades, the cliff had been fenced off by the Sheriff, with large WARNING and DO NOT ENTER signs plastered everywhere. The teens, however, just like they always had done, ignored the signs and crawled through the large gap in the corner of the fence and walked the familiar path up to the top of the Jumping
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