Review Of Mr. Keating's 'O Captain, My Captain'

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Amanda Abdelaal Abdelaal 1
American Lit I/English II
Mrs.Ashe/Period 9
Dead Poet’s Society Essay:Rough Draft
December 3rd, 2014 Anderson Finds His Voice “O Captain, My Captain” the name Mr.Keating played by Robin Williams asks to be called in his class along with his unorthodox ways of teaching. In the movie Dead Poet’s Society directed by Peter Weir Keating portrays the the way of life Carpe Diem(live for today). The teens in the movie go along with this inspired way of life in many different ways, one being how to stand up for themselves and also how to use their voice. Todd Anderson played by Ethan Hawke was one of the many teens in Keating’s class. Anderson is the shy boy who stays quiet and keeps his ideas to himself, but slowly he starts to portray his voice with the help of his teacher’s teaching methods. Mr. Keating has many quirky teaching methods, he told his students to rip out pages in their book because they were pointless. Keating assigned the work of writing a poem, Todd is the type of student who does homework and everything but it just so happens that he got distracted by his
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The gift was a desk set which sounds great especially for Anderson, but he had received the same gift the previous year. Anderson had developed some guts and decides to throw it off a bridge. Anderson’s parents seem to neglect him alot and not seem to pay attention to him. His friend Neil jokingly comforts him by saying,”Your parents will probably buy you another one next year.” This is the first time in the film that Anderson really stands up for himself and starts to become more confident. He starts to be more open-minded and speak up more in their daily roundup of their version of the “Dead Poets Society.” Little things that you would never really think to do are what help people like Anderson fully live “Carpe
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