Dead Poet's Society 'And One Flew Over The Cuckoo'

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A con-artist, a manipulative person no one suspects until one rebels and blames the artist for their actions. This person is able to disguise himself and portray an innocent look towards the public for own needs. Dead poet's society written by Tom Schulman, and One flew over the cuckoo's nest written by Ken Kesey, argue the idea of manipulation and one's ability to hide their actions until blamed. Tom Schulman portrays Mr. Keating as an inspirational english teacher he once had in Montgomery Bell Academy. Advisors aim to teach students from textbooks whereas in Mr.Keating’s class, there are no assessments. A quick “write me a poem” is poor assessment practice and does not measure a student’s intellectual progress, excluding the idea of Mr. Keating ripping pages out of the textbook which results in breaking school law, ("Why John Keating Is a Bad Example to Teachers"). Keating adds a sufficient amount of history in student’s minds about carpe diem teaching others to do any action without regret. Meanwhile in the movie, Mr. Keating gives advice to Neil for standing up for himself, “Neil, I know this seems impossible but you have to go to your father and show him what you're feeling. You have to let him see who you are- It's…show more content…
Keating is supposedly suffering from cancer throughout the movie and why “carpe diem” is very important to him. ("Cancer in Dead Poet's Society"). Supposing that Mr. Keating announces his disease to his students, they would take into consideration a different view of “carpe diem” and add responsibility. To seize the day is to make life extraordinary, without intellectual ability students will not learn to take responsibility for their actions. Todd interprets Keating’s lesson and overcomes his phobia of public speaking, which results in expulsion from the academy. Consequently, Keating’s failure to teach students responsibility results in students blaming their teacher for their
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