Dead Poets Society Conformity Analysis

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The feeling of the outcast. The thought of how the world would have not changed if you were gone as if they were pressured to want to “fit in”. Like when someone goes to school or certain events, one would want to “fit in” but at what cost? Though many people become conformist they lose a piece of themselves, their individuality. Conformity is only needed for order and peace when appropriate, but one must value their individuality by maintaining their humanity, beliefs, and allowing themselves to not be affected by the most common disorder which happens to be conformity. To begin with, one of the most important things to maintain is one’s humanity as it is the only thing that allows them to be a normal human being. An example that can be taken from is a scene from “Dead Poet Society” directed by Peter Weir shows students ripping out the pages from their textbooks. This scene shows…show more content…
In Order to address this idea, a scene from the “Dead Poet Society”, examines the idea of conformity and how people stride to where they want to go because everyone is different. This is sooner indorsed by, after a few minutes people start walking at the same pace. This scene conveys the idea of how everyone is different but when looking at others makes a person want to make their stride like others to fit in. The important idea to take hold of is that everyone is different but because of the common idea of conformity takes one's individuality to match others. In another text in “The Pedestrian”, states “one house in an entire city of houses that were dark..” (Bradbury 5). This quote shows how everyone has turned their lights off as a normal thinking at that time while Mr. Mead has decided not to because of his belief of being a nonconformist. This connects with the main idea because the society around people can take away their own beliefs. Society has a way that persuades people to bandwagon onto ideas that are
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