Dead Poets Society Film Analysis

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The former South African president and revolutionary Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” In the movie Dead Poets Society instructed by Peter Weir from 1989, the students of Welton are stuck in the past with suppressive teaching methods, that strikes down upon anyone, who dares to think differently, until one teacher comes and gives them the encouragement to do so. This paper will analyse and interpret the movie Dead Poets Society with focus on the use of cinematic effects and symbolism. The art of symbolism is used throughout the movie to get subtle statements and meanings across to the movie audience. Numerous examples of the use of symbolism can be found, but one of the most…show more content…
Right before shooting himself, Neil puts on the crown of thorns, which looks like the one Jesus wore before being crucified and dying for his people. In the movie, Neil killed himself because he was depressed over not being able to pursue his passion for acting due to his father’s opposition. He believed that by committing suicide, he would also be able to show parents and teachers how important it is to allow their children and students to pursue their passions. It can thus be concluded, that Neil killed himself in the belief of that it would contribute to the greater good for “his people”, his classmates and fellow members of the Dead Poets Society. While symbolism is used to get hidden meanings and statements across to the movie audience, cinematic effects are used to affect the movie audience’s perception of the movie. A great example of the use of cinematic effects is the scene, where Todd knocks on the door to another student’s room, where he talks through the door. In this scene, the close-up of Todd talking through the door is used as a cinematic effect to empathize one of the main themes of the movie, the loneliness that Todd
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