Dead Poets Society Critique

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Dead Poets Society
Nora Khamis Hamad Al Shamsi
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"Oh , Captain ,my Captain"

Introduction :
The Dead Poets Society appeared in 1989 it's an American film, it was written by Tom Schulman, directed by Peter Weir and the hero was Robin Williams.
The film about the story of students in Welton Academy in Vermont, which is one of conservative school. Many parent's send their children to the best school. This film take a place in the year of 1959. The story focus on the impact of Mr. Keating, he is a young teacher who try to teach their students to live absolute feeling and teach students how they opposite the institutions that surrounding them. Many student try to rebuilding the dead poets society which is a secret
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Keating said to their students we are not read and write the poetry because it's a cute, we read and write poetry because we are a human nature race and human race full of feelings. Medicine, law, business and engineering careers are professions careers to keep our life, but poetry is beauty, romance and love, these things we live for it.
Mr.Mlkestera telling Mr.Keating "you do vary risky things, you encouraging them to become artists but they are not Shakespeare or Mozart, because he think this is not realistic and cynical while Mr. Keating sees only in dreams human can be free.
The students find the annual book and they would like to find out what is Dead Poets Society. They go to Mr. Keating and asking him about it. He said "the current administration does not allow this, then he said the secret "dead poets were dedicated their lives to absorb the essence of life "; this is the phrase that we are repeated in the beginning of meeting. Than Chris said that mean you are a group of yang people only read poetry and Mr. Keating answer "No, we are romantic, this is not a bad way to spend the evening.
After that, the students decide to go and visit the cave. They are afraid to go but they want to know about it and see it. They a planned to go in the evening and when they arrived they start read the
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Keating said " we must believe that our believes it's a special, if some see it strange or not popular, you must find your own ways. One of the students wrote an article about Dead Poets Society but this act rejected by the administration of school and those who do it, they must reveal themselves.
Mr.Keating used with their students a modern approach of teaching. The students become more understand for what is going on around them.
Later, the father of Neil knows what his son did, Neil try to convince his father but the father doesn't except that. That Neil go to see Mr.Keating and told them what happened and advice him to persuade his father before the time of the show, because Neil has the main part in a play. Later Neil do what he wants but his father take him home and he said Neil will dropout the school and join the army. Neil decided to suicide and ended his life. The school will do an investigative in Neil case with his colleagues. One of the student insisted that Mr. Keating have all responsibility. In the end of the film Mr. Keating was expulsed from the school but he remains in the hearts of his
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