Dead Pool Movie Analysis

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A former special forces operative who works as a mercenary in New York City. He meets escort Vanessa Carlysle at a local bar which is actually a contract killer meeting place and they become romantically attached. One year later, Wade proposes to her and she accepts, but he suddenly collapses. Wade is diagnosed with terminal cancer and though Vanessa remains by his side, he does not want her to watch him die.I don 't think Dead pool was going to good movies but my friend and family couldn 't wake to see it, I want to see how Deadpool was going to turn out. And you know what? I didn 't expect it to get that Seriously, I know about the character because some refer to him as a mixture of wolverine and captain America but I don 't know the story…show more content…
The film starts with action from the first moment and then it jump back and forth in unexpected ways. The action was designed perfectly to catch the views attention but still be funny, Deadpool is shown as an antihero but still have a beating heart underneath all the action and carnage, he displays and that reflex with how brilliantly the great chemistry in the story act. The great chemistry gave him his power and took his girl, Dead pool complete surprise me on how unabashedly romantic he is. This movie came out on valentine day, some you know it a love story. The humor in this movies was funny to me because it was brutal, the joke scene like they were out of nowhere and was very out key, Dead pool was your casual try to help everyone he can but can 't help himself, throughout the movies Dead pool crack wise and make fun of himself and those around him made sex joke.It 's a clinical condition, he 's not a stand-up comedian whose jokes need to work on landing the joke, he 's mentally deranged and use comedy to play off this he say, but I believe it out of tragedy. in order to keep himself sane. however with all my approval it was not a perfect film but this story itself is a bit too derivative to really do its highly unconventional
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