Essay On Natural Disasters In Canada

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Introduction\hook: ever wondered what the deadliest natural disaster was in Canada? Do you need help preparing for hurricanes? Ever wondered what the weather is like in Canada? Read this article to learn about them. Historical background: One of the deadliest natural disasters in Canada was the NEWFOUND HURRICANE. It was Nova Scotia a geologist who found out about this hurricane. This event took place in the year 1775 in the month September, it was a created by a huge storm, the effect of this storm was the rise of the sea which rose up to 20 to 30 feet tall, and approximately 4000 people died in this storm, most of them were from Ireland and England which got drowned on the Grand Banks. It destroyed more than 700 boats. The people died when the storm started (When all of a sudden it got really windy and then the hurricane came) there were more than 2000 fishing boats that got lost because of this storm. This storm came unexpectedly so all the people weren't prepared for this storm, and that was the reason so many people died in this storm. After this storm there were dead bodies close and in the sea, as time passed their bones washed away. This hurricane was…show more content…
If you're somewhere outside stay away from tall buildings or houses or even trees and sit on the floor until the ground stops shaking. Lastly after the earthquake, they kept listening to the radio to be informed of what’s going on. See if all your family members are safe. Also the government is using monitors now for observations center. Canada now has this network that collects all the information about all the natural disasters. The deadliest natural disasters in the history of Canada were the Newfoundland hurricane, which killed approximately 4000 people. This did a lot of damage to Canada, a lot of mill dams (a mill dam is constructed to build mill ponds) were broken, the corn was spread everywhere, and several ships were damaged as
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