Deadliest Shooting Research Paper

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Deadliest shooting occurs at a gay night club in Orlando, critics say it is worse than 9/11. On the night of June 12, 2016, gunman Omar Mateen traveled to the Pulse gay night club with a pistol and assault rifle around 2 a.m. Sunday and started shooting. During the attack, Mateen calls 911 and begins to pledge his allegiance to ISIS. Many people would call this a hate crime but it is deeper and higher than a hate crime when you intentionally took not one person but dozens of lives. Rumor has it, that he had much more going on in life, but when he saw two men kissing it set it him off. Additionally, I do not understand why he would want to kill 49 people because of his own screwed up beliefs, but the twist to the story is the Pulse nightclub manager said he saw Mateen there, many times but people called him the weird guy. Furthermore, was Mateen going to the…show more content…
He wanted to protect his identity the man called “Miguel”. Additionally, when interviewing this man he stated that the two met on a gay app called “Grindr” , reporters say Mateen signed up for a lot of these online dating websites for both men and women. Additionally, Miguel describes their relationship as “friends with benefits” , also claiming that the sexual relationship only lasted for about two months and they met in a hotel in Orlando about 15 or 20 times. It has also come up that Mateen seemed to only target Latinos, reason being, was because of revenge he was seeking after being with a Puerto Rican man whom he later found out was HIV positive. Additionally, after that, he had a hit out on Latino men in general because he did not ask certain questions about another man’s health status. Furthermore, Miguel stated that Mateen wife knew he was gay, but his father forced him into an arranged marriage. So did Mateen want to be gay but could not be himself around his
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