Deadline Character Analysis

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In the book Deadline by Chris Crutcher, the main character Ben finds out he has a terminal disease. Ben then makes the decision not to tell anyone. Throughout the rest of the book Ben come to many realizations and encounter things that challenge his way of thinking. Ben and I have similar views and experiences that influences our lives, the ideas that we share similar beliefs are; People aren’t always as they seem, Relying on people to vent is a good thing, and determination will get you far in life are just some of the similar ideas we face.
Ben has many different views throughout the book, one of the many views Ben expresses in the book is, that there is more to people than meets the eye. For example Dallas was one of the people in Ben 's life that had many layers. “Would you still love me if Joe Henry were my little boy instead of my brother?” (page 185). This surprised Ben and showed a layer of Dallas that he would have never have known. Another person that had layer was Rudy. ”He takes a deep breath “i’m a child
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I have personally seen that people have many different layers to them than what they let on. For example one of my friends has a couple mental illnesses that i would not have known if he had not told me and it changed my view of him in a good way. I have also had personal experience when it comes to talking to someone to help relieve some of the stress. Recently home life hasn 't been fantastic and i have had to rely on teachers and therapist to help work out the stress and helping me work through the anxiety. Lastly i have seen That determination for a goal can make you achieve that goal. For example, the United States Women 's National Team has been striving for another world cup since their win 1999. Their big loss in 2011 fuelled their determination and with that determination they won the 2015 to win the world cup. This proves that if you have determination you can get
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