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“Deadly Embrace Pakistan, America and the future of the Global Jihad”, Bruce Riedal, published by The BROOKINGS INSTITUTION 1775 Masschusetts Avenue, N.W.,Washington DC 20036, ISBN: 978-0-8157-0557-4.
Bruce Riedal is an American expert on security of US, South Asia and counter terrorism. He was also a former CIA analyst and counter terrorism expert. He also had been adviser to four US presidents. Currently, he is a senior fellow in Saban Centre for Middle Eastern policy at the Brookings Institution. He has written many books on counter terrorism, Arab Israel relations, Persian Gulf security and South Asia especially India and Pakistan as the search for Al Qaeda: its Leadership, Ideology and Future, the other war winning and losing in Afghanistan and Deadly Embrace.
This book Deadly Embrace actually deals with exploring oscillating and contentious relations between US and Pakistan since the events has been occurred during author’s 30 years career with CIA and about that how US has contributed to Pakistan’s current struggle to counter terrorism .
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Benazir Bhutto had inherited jihad from Zia’s regime. Author said that ISI had strong links with militants and it wanted to move these militants towards Kashmir, then this situation could lead to Indo Pak war, it would be Pakistan based terrorism. In Afghanistan after civil war, Taliban has formed their government and they provided shelter to bin Laden. Now US started to demand to hand over Osama bin Laden and blamed that he is supported by Pakistan. Pakistan tried to convince Taliban to hand over bin Laden to US but Mullah Omer refused to do so and he was committed not to handing over. US blamed Pakistan for its critical role in bringing these terrorists into Afghanistan although it was only US who initiated to support these mujahedeen against red

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