Deadly Sin In The Devil And The Tempted

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A striking resemblance matches itself between both passages. There is an average of seven deadly sins that will drag you right to hell. In Irving's story he committed the 2 deadly sin lie, stealing or tricking people for money, leading to Tom Walkers entrance great beneath "Hell." Hawthorn's character just like Irving commits one of the seven deadly sins. The First deadly sin "Pride", just like Tom Walker he also ends up in the passage to "Hell." Both selections symbolize the characters as defying Gods will and way, and gave into “The Devil” and “The Tempted.” There greediness came over them and ended up committing unforgivable sins. In Hawthorns imagery in symbolizes how in New England the religious conflict that bestowed Salem people.
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Walker when he was on the road through the wooden area he inexplicably runs into the devil and he is chopping down another’s tree. As he meets the devil he doesn’t find evil controlling over him he focuses over the wealth he wants. Toms wife only desire was to obtain the gold the devil had promised to give them, but everything was a trick they fell for the oldest trick in the book of sins. As his wife’s only desire was to acquire the gold the only think that was given to her was death do to her own greed and the absence of mind. The devil tells Tom how to earn money and do to usury he commits the sin of stealing as he obtains more and more money the power of his greed grows and grows to unimaginable heights. Due to all the money obtained Walker begs the devil to send him to hell, this means that Walker sold his soul to the devil but his greed continued he wanted the money but as he went to hell no matter of any object was to be taken and that was the punishment that was given to him for the sin of greed. By causing him to grow close to his position he then lost it leaving him to feel the need of money and not obtaining
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