Deadly Women Reflection Paper

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Reflection 2 In this reaction paper, I will discuss one of the deadly women episodes as it relates to the course readings on women who are in an intimate partner abuse relationship. The episode focuses on the story of Amber Cummings who after been victimized for so many years at the hand of her husband she shot and killed him. This episode features all the violence Amber Cummings experienced at the hands of her husband and how all these abuses lead her to kill her husband as a way not only to protect herself but her daughter who was also at the risk of being sexually victimized. More specifically, this is related to our textbook reading in which we analyzed the different barriers women endured in their attempts in leaving an abusive relationship. James and Amber were married for 12 years and lived in Belfast, Maine. In the episode, they described the couple as very wealthy and they seemed to have everything. However, people were unaware of what kind home environment Amber and her daughter were forced to live under. James was described as a very isolated man who didn’t appear to have a lot of relationships with people or his family. He was known to abused Amber physically, emotionally, and sexually. It was clear that he had a serious mental illness known as paranoid schizophrenia. Also, he did not want Amber’s to have contacted and relationships with her friends, and family members. He made sure he isolated Amber from her support system by moving into different locations

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